Are you a complete beginner? Or do you have a child in the family keen on learning the instrument but your time is poor? Or, do you live a fair way away from your nearest music school?

Or — you play pretty well but getting access to an industry-proven teacher in order to go to the next level is close to impossible where you live?

This is where Musiconn comes in.

No matter what type of guitar lessons you want, or where in Wagga Wagga or the Riverina you live, Musiconn gives you access to some of Australia’s most well-regarded tutors right at home via the internet.

But this isn’t just some YouTube thing. This is a great value subscription that motivates you, via either/or:

  1. A library of hundreds of lesson videos that will take you from novice to confident player, and/or

  2. Regular live “in-person” video tuition with someone who understands your objectives and what makes you excited about music.

So what do I need?

It’s easy. All you need is:

1. Any modern device with a web browser and high-speed internet. 

And via our app, you can Access Musiconn on your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere you can get online! 

Not sure if your internet speed can cut it? Test your speed here and find out about our minimum requirements.

2. Sign up with us, and grab your guitar for on-demand lessons anytime, or scheduled personalised one-on-one tuition right into your Wagga Wagga living room.

Meet Our Guitar Tutors

Yes, I want Convenient Guitar Lessons in Wagga Wagga or the Riverina!

Wagga Wagga? Junee? Balranald? Hay? Gundagai? Anywhere else? Start playing guitar now via our online lesson. Questions? Get in touch with us here.